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21. Tianna Bartoletta - “Coming Back From a Six Year Struggle”

Happy Birthday Tianna Bartoletta!!

Episode 21 of Trackcast by Triplejumpers features the 3x Olympic champion, 2x world champion and the 4x100m world record holder, sprinter and long jumper Tianna Bartoletta. Tianna talks about how it was to win a world title at the young age of 19, how she fought back from a 6 year long struggle and a lot more. Thanks for listening!

20. Morgan Lake - “Double World Junior Champion”

Episode 20 of Trackcast by Triplejumpers features the 2x world junior champion, British high jumper Morgan Lake. She was a really good youth and junior athlete so we talk a lot about her experiences from her earlier days, the transition from multi-events to high jump, how she manage setbacks and a lot more. It was a really good conversation with Morgan. Thanks for listening!

19. Petros Kyprianou - “Coach of Multiple Olympians and NCAA Champions”

Episode 19 of Trackcast by Triplejumpers features the Georgia Bulldogs headcoach, Petros Kyprianou. Petrps coach multiple Olympic athletes, World Championships medalists and NCAA champions. He shares his best advices with us and we talk a lot about training, how to schedule a season and about his best memories from his long coaching career. If you like training, listen to this one. Thanks for listening!


18. DeAnna Price - “From 65 Meters to World Champion in Five Months”

Episode 18 of Trackcast by Triplejumpers features the reigning world champion in the hammer throw, DeAnna Price. We talked about her journey from the first time she held a hammer, to breaking the NCAA college record, to her first Olympic final and to her 2019 World Championships victory. She tells a really emotional and detailed story about her career and she also talk about many important things like her previous problems with eating and much, much more. This episode is really a blast. Thanks for listening!


17. Shanieka Ricketts - “2019 Diamond League Triple Jump Winner”

Episode 17 of Trackcast by Triplejumpers features the 2019 Diamond League triple jump winner Shanieka Ricketts. Shanieka is born and raised in Jamaica so we talk about the track and field culture there. She then went to college in the U.S and eventually became one of the best triple jumpers in the world, winning the Diamond League and finishing second at Worlds in 2019. We talk about the best moments of career, what she aims for in the future and she also gives her view on her triple jump technique. This episode is really nice. Thanks for listening!

16. Lex Gillette - “No Need for Sight When You Have a Vision”

The Triplejumpers Podcast is now Trackcast by Triplejumpers, featuring athletes and coaches within all events of track and field.

This first episode of the new format of the podcast features Paralympic legend Lex Gillette. Lex loose his sight at the age of 8 years old and 27 years later, he's a 4x consecutive world champion, 4x Paralympic silver medalist and the world record holder. He's also a motivational speaker, singer and song writer. Lex talks about the highs and lows of his career, what motivates him and how it is to jump without seeing. It's a really great episode. Thanks for listening!

15. Tori Franklin - American Record Holder

Episode 15 features the American record holder and 2x World Championships finalist Tori Franklin. We talk about her start to the new year and how it felt to win the U.S Champs on a new American indoor record just a few weeks ago. We also talk about why she made the decision to move to France and start training with the legendary triple jumper Teddy Tamgho, how tough it was to turn pro after college and a lot more. Listen to the 14th episode of The Triplejumpers Podcast now!



14. John Shepherd - Triple Jump Training Philosophy and the Elements of the Technique

Episode 14 features the British long- and triple jump coach John Shepherd. We talk about John's training philosophy, the fundamentals in the triple jump training and the different elements of triple jump technique. John also explains the differences and difficulties coaching both long and triple jump athletes and a lot more. Listen to the 14th episode of The Triplejumpers Podcast now!

13. Jadel Gregorio - “Breaking a Legendary Record”

Episode 13 features the Brazilian and South American triple jump record holder Jadel Gregorio. We go through the highs and lows of his career, how it was to compete indoors for the first time and how it was to move to England to train with Peter Stanley. We also talks about the best moment of his career and how he managed to jump so far although being so tall and heavy. Listen to the 13th episode of The Triplejumpers Podcast now!

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12. Brian Wellman - 1995 World Indoor Champion - No “What If’s?”

Episode 12 features the Bermudan triple jump record holder Brian Wellman. We go through the secrets behind his step phase, how it was to compete in four Olympics and how it felt to win a global gold medal. We also cover his time at the legendary University of Arkansas and a lot more. Listen to the 12th episode of The Triplejumpers Podcast now!

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